Levinsky Market Tour


DAY: Thursday

TIME: 11:00-13:00

MEETING POINT: 4 Merkhavya St, Tel Aviv

Leviski Market is the culinary pearl of Tel Aviv! Colors, aromas, and flavors blend with each other, then change in a heartbeat. The market is home to many spice shops with herbs and spices from all around the world. Treats from different Middle Eastern countries can be found all around. Local bakeries bake pastries around the clock. Hidden cafes and noisy bars and taverns will sweep you off your feet…

TODOTV’s Levinsky Market Tour is a real treat for visitors who enjoy good food and new experiences. We will explore the market, meet its inhabitants, and enjoy a lot of good food!

Notable Tour Highlights

● Multicultural experience of Israeli society.

● Fascinating meetings with local people and interesting places.

● Tastings of many local vegan meals: vine leaves stuffed with rice and raisins, hand-made marzipan, bourekas filled with spinach or potato, fresh tahini, and more (including a tour to a vegan delicatessen.