The Carmel Market Tour


DAY: Thursday

TIME: 12:30-14:30

MEETING POINT: 28 Gedera st, Tel Aviv

The Carmel Market is Tel Aviv’s biggest and the most vibrant market. In fact, it’s the most visited market in entire Israel! You can find there everything you can possibly think of – fruits and vegetables, liquors and spices, meat, bakeries and clothing, and more.

The purpose of TODOTLV’s Carmel Market Tour is to let our visitors experience first hand the vibrant, urban, energetic vibe the market has – a true Middle Eastern magic which captures the heart of everyone who visits there. To experience this magic we will explore the market, meet the people, hear their unusual stories, and try many authentic, delicious Israeli food.

The tour includes a stroll in the adjacent neighborhood ‘Kerem Hatemanim’ (Yemenites Quarter). As one of Tel Aviv’s oldest neighborhoods, this area is one of the most fascinating to explore: its narrow allies and old houses retain the nostalgic atmosphere of the early 20th century. At the same time, the neighborhoods current residents shaped it as a colorful artists village. The combination is one of a kind!

Notable Tour Highlight

● Wandering among the colorful stands of Carmel market and enjoying the variety of smells and tastes.
● Fascinating meetings with local merchants and other colorful characters.
● Trying the best of the Israeli cuisine: hand-made hummus, burekas (Israel’s king of morning pastries), falafel, original local beer, spices, and more.

Tour length: about two and a half hours