Architecture tour in Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv's skyline is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This prestigious status was given to it thanks to the city's one-of-a-kind architectural qualities, which consists dozens of styles from various historical period and influences.

TODOTLV's Architecture Tour is an excellent way to discover and experience the history of Tel Aviv through its architectural styles. The city's buildings and monuments tell the story of the city's history and the people who made it. Our experienced guides will walk you through the city's many architectural styles: Bauhaus, Eclectic, modern skyscrapers, and more. The tour also includes many of Tel Aviv's unique parks and monuments, as well as preserved historic areas. 

Notable Tour Highlights:

● Discovering the city's boulevards, inner streets and charming hidden gems.
● Closer look at the architectural styles, architectural scene and design of Tel Aviv.
● Visit the Museum of Bauhaus.